Introduction, aim, poem

You could just click that About button over there and that would be introduction enough.

But surely it’d be too brazen of me to launch straight into wild textual ejaculations and heady prose without some small talk. (Not that you’re getting any of that crap anyway, that ain’t my skit.) We don’t know each others names yet. You haven’t met my parents and I’m not sure if you like crunchy peanut butter or smooth.

I usually animate things but this blog’s supposed to archive the short stories I occasionally write, and hopefully, it will motivate me so that they will be less occasional and more, um, more. I can use grammar. Don’t worry.

So here we are. I’ve decided to start things off with a poem, which is not a short story and something I pretty much never write. Good start.


Take Note, Prospective Lovers!

I want a man who wears dresses.

Not because he is the other sex,

Not because of rock and roll,

Not because of fashion statements.

I want a man who wears dresses,

Because the weather is hot,

Because he is going on a date,

Because he wants to show off his nice legs.

Skirts are okay too.


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