Story of moth

moth used to stare at things and many times, they would fill him with ideas. sometimes moth would come across a flame and sometimes moth would come across a light. sometimes they were dangerous and they would hurt moth but they were his favourite things. moth would spend a long time trying to get as close as possible to them. he would dance with them celebrating their gorgeousnesses and if he got hurt, he would not flinch but carry on dancing and trying to become a part of these bright and beautiful things. it was important that moth felt them deeply and dedicated himself wholly to them.

then the great vanishing happened. slowly and steadily, objects began to disappear from moth’s view. it was not obvious at first but after a while, moth noticed many things he had known before had blurred into soft unreadable shapes. many were simply missing. to his horror, moth realised that the objects were not vanishing but that he was going blind.

in his panic, moth tried to find a flame or a light so he could dance and be filled with its joyous glow. perhaps it would help him see the missing things and things he did not know yet. but moth could find no flame and no light. he was surrounded by endless blank white space and all that was left was the horizon.

moth wandered aimlessly here and there, until, oh! a burn. but moth could not see the flame which had burnt him. he danced wildly around the spot, getting burnt several times, but he could not see any beautiful flames or lights. this frightened moth greatly and he moved away from the invisible flame.

but as soon as he moved away, the horizon began to shrink. when moth saw this he frantically darted back in search of the invisible flame. moth found the empty burning spot and the horizon stopped shrinking. a moment of relief swept over moth but he kept getting burnt again. once, twice, four times, nine times. he knew that if he was able to dance to the flame, everything would be ok. the horizon would not shrink away, and the white space would be filled once again with its rightful objects. moth carried the image of the most beautiful flame he could think of in his head. he focussed hard on it, trying to will it back into his vanishing world. the burning hurt less and less and the image in moth’s head flickered like a flame bowing to the wind. the most beautiful flame in moth’s head went out and the horizon shrank into a dot.

everything is white.

another moth saw moth vanish into the air in the middle of a dance to a naked flame.


This is an old one, from 3 years back. Sorry it is kind of sad and hopeless. I am writing something quite saccharine right now. It’s almost there. Perhaps you will thank me for it. It may save you a fair few pennies on kit kats and iced buns, and some cavities, too. Dental care is important.


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